The multitasking mother now has a voice through the Momtitask Podcast

Two mothers who started a podcast walking together
Shenelle and Courtney (Pictured from left to right)

Submitted by: Shanelle Freeman

Courtney Mathis and Shenelle Freeman have collaborated to create the ultimate podcast about Motherhood. The Momtitask Podcast focuses on the art of being a multi-tasking mom.  They start from the very beginning  as to what your thoughts are when you find out you are becoming a mother to what it’s like after your child / children enter into this world.  Being a mother there are so many phases that we go through mentally, physically, and spiritually.  As our children grow and develop so do we!  Courtney is a wife and mother of 2 toddlers.  Shenelle is also a wife and mom of 3 teens. Both ladies happen to be working moms developing their own brands and businesses while tackling motherhood. 

Momtitask is a platform for Mother’s where they can be their authentic selves.  A place where we can vent, get advice, be free, yet respectful of each other’s differences, backgrounds, and upbringing.  “We plan on our podcast becoming a safe haven and community for moms of all ages where we can share our stories of motherhood, resources, tips, tricks, and empower one another on how to become better in general.  Nurturing ourselves, mind, body, and soul.  We’re gonna laugh and shed a couple of tears, yet be a real voice and support system!”  

Together we will share our favorite MOMents with some of your favorite mommies and mompreneurs. Real mom goals practicing self care and mental health.  This podcast welcomes a mom to let hair down or rock that messy mom bun!  Come as you are with an open mind and plan to get the job done.  Multitasking and creating a balance between a hot cup of coffee or tea, or maybe even a MOMosa!  It all depends on the day and just like motherhood everyday is different!  The juggle is real!

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