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Jessie Hayes, Founder of Skinphorea

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and taking care of it is just as important as nurturing other part of our body. We had a chance to virtually chat with the esthetician Jessie Hayes, founder of Skinphorea about best practices for our skin, to leave it healthy and glowing.

Real Culture (RC): If you don't have any products for your skin at the moment. What are the most basic things you need for a healthy skin routine?

Jessie Hayes (JH): To get started on a basic skin regimen, I recommend having a daily gentle cleanser and moisturizer based on your skin type that you may alter when the seasons change, SPF and if you’re over 30,  serums are a must have to target your skin concern (anti aging, pigmentation). 

(RC): How do you know your skin type? We know oily, dry, etc. But how can you figure this out on your own when you aren't quite sure?

(JH): There is actually more that goes into determining your skin type, which is why most purchase the wrong products and continue to have skin issues. We must consider not only our skin type but our skin condition.  There is a difference between sensitive and sensitized skin as well as  dry and dehydrated skin. It is common for someone to think they have dry skin because they have a tight feeling even though they constantly see a shine. But in fact, this usually means they have oily skin that is dehydrated.  Remember, oil and water are not the same! But because they believe their skin is dry, they purchase products for dry skin which includes oils, shea butters etc. which can clog their pores and cause breakouts. So if you’re confused I would recommend you see a professional. But a basic start would be to look at these characteristics:

Oily: Larger pores all over your face and you get shiny earlier in the day. 

Combination: Larger pores primarily in the T-zone which is your nose, chin and forehead area. 

Normal: Your skin produces very little oil in the T-zone area.

Dry: Very small pores, skin usually feels tight, rough and can get flaky. 

(RC): What is one part of your skin routine you must never skip?

(JC): SPF! Most are never taught the importance of SPF, but 90% of aging is caused by the suns rays which can show up years later. So to keep yourself looking younger and to avoid dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, you will want to use SPF every single day. Even in the winter, on a cloudy day, or if you’re inside near windows.  Our RevitalizeU UV Protect is a best seller that does not leave a greasy white residue.  

(RC): If you really want to give your self the pamper treatment what can you do? Say for instance a scrub, mask, etc.

(JC): At a minimum, you want to exfoliate and mask once a week. Use a gentle scrub like our 2% Retinol Scrub or if you have breakouts, ditch the scrub and use an exfoliating serum or cleanser. Look for a thick, creamy mask for dry skin and a clay based based to help absorb the oil for oily, congested skin types. 

If you have questions about your skin, skin type or products, please visit Skinphorea at They offer virtual consultations and can create custom kits designed especially for you. For skin tips, tricks and before and after photos visit and follow them on Instagram & Facebook @skinporea @iamjessiehayes

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