Real Culture Rising Star: Orvalle Williams unapologetically making waves in Hollywood

Real Culture had a chance to catch-up with rising star Orvalle Williams. We first peeped Orvalle on a global platform when made his debut on the hit show Atlanta. Since, he's worked with Tyler Perry and other network shows.

Real Culture (RC): Thus far, what has been your favorite project to work on?

Orvalle Williams (OW): I did a television Pilot called “LOST DETROIT” it was filmed in my city on Detroit’s Eastside and various neighborhoods in the city. It was hands down my favorite role and project I have been apart of thus far in my career. The project is so special to me because it was filmed in my hometown. I also loved my performance!! You can check out the trailer and clips on my YouTube channel under my name ORVALLE WILLIAMS.

RC: Motivation is a big part of our ability to stay the course. What would you say is your muse or motivation?

OW: To be honest I’m a very self motivated person. My secret is really my tenacity. I have no fear with taking risks with my career and how I approach my career. Also I’m not afraid to be my unapologetic self. This industry is built on relationships and who you know. Because of that I feel a lot of actors play it safe, or are scared to burn a bridge, so they will compromise there true essence and self to get ahead. If I can’t get it by being apologetically Orvalle Williams then I don’t want it. From my experiences I have found when you reveal yourself…what’s right for you will just come to you.

RC: How do you continuously perfect your craft?

OW: It’s important to keep your pencil sharpened as a artist so I still take acting classes. My secret though is I study human behavior. I’m a people watcher, and I like to go out and just watch people and study how us humans engage with one another. Art imitates life but more importantly, real life! I also live my life without fear so I’m constantly having new experiences which give me more life to pull from when I take on a character.

RC: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in acting?

OW: I don’t remember the exact age but I remember in my early childhood my grandmother would always watch the movie The Temptations. I remember watching the movie more times than I can count lol. Leon’s performance as David Ruffin was my first inspiration to want to be a actor. I remember watching his performance mimicking him and telling myself I want to be a actor when I grow up.

RC: What are you working on now?

OW: Currently I’m in Los Angeles and it’s pilot season, so I’m in audition mode heavy. My latest credit is a recurring role on Tyler Perry's “THE OVAL” airing on BET Network. I appear in Season 1 episodes 3, 8, 9.

RC: If you could work with anyone on a project, who would it be and why?

OW: There’s so many to name but I will give you three actors who influence me the most. Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Larenz Tate. Denzel is the g.o.a.t to me. I feel everything he touches becomes better and all of his performances are perfect to me. Leo is just amazing. I love the career he has had and the roles he chooses to play. Larenz Tate is one of the most underrated actors to me. He has so much range and gives so much layers and depth to his characters. I also love his body of work. He has worked with all the beautiful black women I love in Hollywood.

RC: Which is better, Chic-fil-a or Popeyes?

OW: Chic-fil-a

RC: What is something you plan to have manifested in your life?

OW: I see myself booking a series regular role on a network television show in the near future. I’m going to have long term success in my career. When my breakthrough role comes it will also come with longevity.

Orvalle Williams is a star to watch and we look forward to watching and supporting him throughout his career. Join us by following his YouTube page here: and all social media platforms at Orvalle Williams.

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