Nipsey Hussle x Real Culture

Ermias “Nipsey Hussle”Asghedom

“The highest human act is to inspire.” A quote by Nipsey that resonates with many of us on so many levels. We often time don’t realize how the smallest example set by someone else inspires us to be a better person. Think of paying it forward, someone in line pays for the bill for the person behind them and the person behind them feels “inspired” to do the same. Nipsey in flesh did what he set out to accomplish and inspired us all to become self-motivated and most importantly a better neighbor. His passing tragic resonates with our own mortality. Our life and death will have an impact on people and this is heavily connected to our actions.

Nipsey has inspired us to gain and give to others, build our community and love on one another. His legacy lives on through the spirit he left in each person who is affected by his passing. We understand life is not a race, we cannot skip steps and bypass the lessons.

Now who is ready to buy the block, create that business and raise confident and kind children?

This is a Marathon.

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