Inception intercepts stress and improves mental focus

Photo credit: David McCullar
Charlemagne the god- Photo credit: David McCullar

The world seems to be moving a lot faster nowadays. Technology has us literally connected at the finger tips as communication moves at the speed of light, or how ever fast the wifi or data is moving.

Inception in Farmington Hills, Michigan has developed a scientific way to ease the mental and physical stress that comes with the territory of our daily lives.

The facility has three programs that can be tailored to individual needs inlcuding:

Flotation Therapy - a zero-gravity experience that enables the mind and body to experience thorough rest and relaxation.

NeurOptimal Brain Training - an advanced neuro-feedback system that works with your brain in real time.

Magnesphere™ System achieves profound relaxation through extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Recently, Charlemagne the god, co-host on The Breakfast Club visited the facility. Charlemagne has been an advocate for mental health.

For more information on Inception visit:

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