The Wild Wild Chi

*Synopsis which may contain spoilers*

In the words of the late and great Aaliyah, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” It can seem at times life can deal blow after blow and by the grace of God we manage to get back up, dust off and try again. City life can be dog eat dog and for Jason Mitchell’s character (insert name here), where you mix in grief, job insecurity and struggling relationships a tough time can seem never ending.

The main character of the series had troubles and worries, but once his brother was killed everything fell apart. This season (Jason’s character) is pulling himself together and starting to build a solid foundation with his girlfriend (jason’s girlfriend name) a real estate agent who is about her coins and new business venture a taco truck. He’s also grown attached to an eye witness to his brother’s murder. The middle school student is struggling to cope with witnessing the murder and reaches out to (jason’s character) for support.

This season focuses on building around grief and becoming resilient in the process. Check it Sunday evenings at (9pm) on Showtime.

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